I have over 10 years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases – car wrecks, slip & falls, medical malpractice, assaults, animal attacks and almost any case where someone or someone’s property has suffered an injury. I empathize with the suffering of someone wrongly injured. This motivates to work on your behalf.

 Accidents don’t just happen, they are caused. In nearly all cases, if there is an  injury somebody did something wrong. It is my job as an experienced attorney to dig out the facts to show who was at fault for the injury. In a personal injury case facts are everything. They make or break the case. My 18 years of experience as an attorney investigator provides the skills to sniff out facts like a bloodhound. In any given case there are usually only a few facts that are important. It requires experience and skill to focus in on the key facts that form the basis for seeking justice in the form of a jury verdict.

 Attorneys who win the most cases are those who work hard on behalf the client to investigate to get to the truth of what happened. This is the common core of all personal injury cases. Ferret out the important facts and apply the law to those facts. It is simple but effective. I have been using this strategy for more than 18 years. Prior to my career in law I was a professional investigative reporter. I now apply those same skills successfully to my legal career.

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